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Montaigne in America

The SIAM is pleased to announce the publication of a Montaigne Studies special publication, "Montaigne in America" (XXXI, 2019), a volume directed by Emiliano Ferrari.

This special issue offers a series of transhistorical and interdisciplinary studies that draw the dense network of contexts, uses and meanings assumed by Montaigne’s figure and work in America, along different fields (literature, philosophy, political theory, gender studies).

What emerges from the articles presented here is a clear picture of the diversity of contexts, uses, and meanings that Montaigne and his Essais might have had along the progressive process of political and cultural self-definition of America since the 18th century. From the century of independence to the contemporary, from Benjamin Franklin to Judith Butler, Montaigne acted as an influential voice in the ongoing transatlantic conversation that shaped the American social, political, and cultural identity.


EMILIANO FERRARI : Montaigne in America : contexts, uses, meanings
DANIEL R. BRUNSTETTER : Benjamin Franklin’s Three Montaignes : The Essays, the Éloges, the Man
WILLIAM E. ENGEL : Montaigne as cultural touchstone for Jefferson, Emerson, and Poe
DOUGLAS I. THOMPSON : To “Philosophize upon Realities” : Montaignian Political Education in Melville’s Billy Budd
CHRISTOPHER EDELMAN : Montaigne, Emerson and the Affirmation of Ordinary Life
NEIL KENNY : “Have been thinking I’d better take a course in Montaigne” : John Dewey, Progressive Education, and Social Class
EMILIANO FERRARI : Continental skepticism and American pragmatism : Transatlantic views from Montaigne to Richard Rorty
JOHN CHRISTIAN LAURSEN & KEVIN PHAM : Montaigne in American Political Theory : Two Generations
THIERRY GONTIER : Quel genre de “libéral” est Montaigne ? Autour d’une lecture américaine des Essais
TELMA BIRCHAL & VITOR SOMMAVILLA : Montaigne and Narrative Identity. A dialogue with Galen Strawson and Charles Taylor
MARC SCHACHTER : Before Queer : Three Homophile Montaignes In Twentieth Century America
ZAHI ZALLOUA : Essaying Trouble : Montaigne and Judith Butler

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